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1. Walk for 30 minutes every day. A brisk walk helps you burn fat and revs up your metabolism to combat future calories.

2. Cut back on fat and sugar. Besides saving calories, this simple tip is just plain good for your health.

3. Keep your fingers busy. When your hands are busy, you tend to snack less

4. Drink a glass of water before each meal. It will take the edge off your appetite.

5. Don't eat when you are stressed out-your self-control suffers and you tend to eat too much. This might be the time to take that walk.

6. Pay attention to portion control. Think regular size not super size. A portion of fruits and vegetables is usually 1/2 cup. A protein portion is about the size of a deck of cards.

7. Park your car as far from the store or work entrance as is safe. Every extra step counts.

8. Follow the old maxim-eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. Switching some of your calories to early in the day gives you more time to burn them off.

9. Stop letting numbers determine your day. If you get on the scale every morning, the scale rules your life. A half pound weight gain-which is likely to be water, by the way-should not have the power to destroy your resolve.

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