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1. GAIN SUPPORT OF FAMILY AND FRIENDS: You will feel more committed and they will be less likely to sabotage your efforts. You might also join a weight control group.

2. MAKE A FRIENDLY BET WITH A FEW OF YOUR FRIENDS: That you will still he on your program in four weeks. Better yet, bet with someone to whom you would hate to lose.

3. STEER WELL AWAY FROM FAD OR CRASH DIETS. They do not re-educate eating habits and the weight will go right back on as soon as you stop dieting. Choose a moderate caloric eating plan of around 1,200 to 1,500 calories, depending on activity, and fat intake of 30 grams. An average weight loss of I pound weekly is ideal.

4. EAT THREE MODERATE. WELL BALANCED MEALS EACH DAY. Don't skip meals, you will only end up snacking on high fat items. Do not keep high fat snack foods at home.

5. WORK OUT A STRATEGY, As to how you are going to avoid uncontrolled eating and drinking at social events, stressful situations, etc when your emotions urge you to binge.

6. PROMISE YOURSELF THAT WHEN YOU FEEL THE URGE TO SNACK, you will engage in some activity that will distract you from food i.e. walk, phone a friend etc.

7. COMMENCE A WALKING PROGRAM. Regular exercisers tend to maintain their weight losses than those who don't exercise. You may hate it initially, but given a little time it can become enjoyable. Exercise also decreases stress, anxiety, and fatigue and boosts your self-image.

8. KEEP A FOOD AND EXERCISE DIARY. It is a very powerful and proven weight control aid. It forces you to focus on your eating habits and make wiser choices.

9. BE PATIENT!! Weight control is a lifetime project, not one you can win or lose over a two week or even a two-month period. Perseverance usually wins out. Even if the scale shows little progress on certain weeks, it is still possible that you have lost a few inches.

10. DO NOT DWELL ON PAST FAILURES. Think only of achieving positive results. Write down your long-term and short-term goals. Plan carefully what you need to do, day by day, Hour by hour, to achieve your goals.

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