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1. Stop labeling foods as bad, illegal, or forbidden. It's not the food itself that's the problem, but the quantities you consume and how often you consume them. You can eat some of anything you want - even if it's high in fat calories, or sugar, but to reach your goals, you may not be able to eat all of everything you want.

2. Eat at least three well - balanced meals a day. Even if you're trying to lose weight, don't skip meals. You'll only be hungrier for the next one, and cravings between meals can become overwhelming.

3. Look at cravings as suggestions to eat, not commands to overindulge. Overeating does not have to be an automatic response to a craving. When a craving begins, determine how you want to deal with it. It is truly up to you.

4. Disarm your cravings with the 5 D's Delay at least ten minutes before you eat so that your action is conscious, not impulsive. Distract yourself by engaging in an activity that requires concentration. Distance yourself from the food. Determine how important it is for you to eat the craved food and how much you really want it. Decide what amount is reasonable and appropriate, eat it slowly and enjoy.

5. Give up guilt, believing you have cheated on your diet and completely ruined your chances of succeeding produces feelings of failure. Give yourself permission to eat favorite foods in moderation and without guilt.

6. Exercise regularly. Just as it is vital to successfully manage your weight, exercise is key to managing food cravings. In addition to burning calories, regular exercise may be relief from tension due to anxiety about food cravings. It's also one way to delay, distance and distract you.

7. Include two fruits or vegetables in every meal or snack. You'll feel fuller and cut back on calories from other foods.

8. Eat breakfast. A breakfast high in fiber, low in fat and sugars will help you be less likely to overeat later in the day.

9. Know your portions, 1/2 cup of rice is the size of your fist, an ounce of cheese is a large marble, a 3 ounce serving of meat is a deck of cards.

10. Drink water - a glass every one to two hours will keep you full.

11. Eat slowly!

12. Go spicy. Get a hot flavor boost with chilies, salsa and curry instead of by overeating.

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